Aston Martin DBX Cabin Revealed

Aston Martin is all set to showcase its first ever SUV on November 20, 2019 and the place will be China. While we've taken a look at what the exterior of the DBX looks like, Aston Martin has now given us a peek into what lies inside. Of course, the cabin has been hand crafted, what else would you expect from Aston Martin now. The Aston Martin DBX has been designed inside out according to the company and it's spacious as well. The decision to use a bespoke chassis allowed Aston Martin's design team - led by Executive Vice President & Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman - to tailor the interior space to the specific needs of DBX's customers. The length between the wheels allowed the design team to optimise cabin space while maintaining a sleek, low roofline.

Over six months were spent solely focused on defining the position of the driver within the vehicle, with enough movement in the driver's seat and steering column to allow clear visibility of all controls, screens and through windows. While the driver has been placed at the forefront of DBX's interior philosophy, key details throughout have been carefully considered to ensure the model delivers on all elements of the design team's initial brief.

On the dashboard of the DBX each button and dial has been carefully positioned following extensive testing. There are new TFT screens that have been integrated seamlessly, so that, despite their size, the technology doesn't interrupt the flow of the interior design. The cabin also has enough storage spaces. It gets a bridged centre console that offers storage space below for larger items such as a handbag or large 1.5-litre water bottles. This feature keeps valuables close to hand while not occupying the passenger seat and away from dirt on the car's floor mats.

There's space at the rear too. The design team wanted an inclusive feeling for those in the rear of the car, but without the sense that the rear occupants were leaning over those in the front of the vehicle, which can sometimes be the result of so-called 'stadium' seating arrangements. The needs of children were also considered extensively and, in a new exercise for Aston Martin, a group of children were invited to share their experience of ingress and egress and sitting in an ergonomic assessment model at the company's design studio.

Aston Martin says that the DBX gets class-leading front & rear legroom and the sense of space is added by the full-length panoramic glass roof and expansive side windows. The DBX will be showcased on November 20 and the order books for the car will start from that day itself. Prices for the DBX SUV will start from ₹ 1.34 crore (approximately) and will be launched in UK, Germany, China, Japan and the US.