BGauss launches two electric scooters in India

Electric two-wheeler brand, BGauss has announced the launch of two e-scooters in the Indian market, the A2 and B8. The A2 model is available in two variants while the B8 can be selected from three versions.

The e-scooters are currently available in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Panvel.

Check out the variant-wise prices below:

- A2 Lead Acid: Rs 52,499
- A2 Lithium Ion: Rs 67,999
- B8 Lead Acid: Rs 62,999
- B8 Lithium Ion: Rs 82,999
- B8 LI Technology: Rs 88,999

The A2 is an entry-level model that boasts of a top speed of 25kmph and a range of 110km per charge. The lead-acid battery takes about seven to eight hours to fully charge while the lithium battery can be charged in two hours and 15 minutes.

The scooter features three riding modes. Each mode affects the top-speed and the range of the scooter. Both, lithium and lead-acid batter deliver similar range, although the latter is non-removable. The feature list on the A2 includes telescopic front forks, hydraulic springs at the back, anti-theft alarm, find your scooter and remote lock/unlock system.

The A2 is available in three colour options – Caspian Blue, Glacier Ice and Super White.

The B8 is the premium model from electric two-wheeler manufacturer. The scooter can achieve a top speed of 50kmph. The lithium battery can deliver a maximum range of 70km while the lead-acid version can travel up to 78km before it runs out of juice.

The lead-acid version can be fully recharged in seven to eight hours. The lithium battery and the Li technology versions take up to three hours to fully charge. Desk: Asianet Online