Bosch develops camera with AI for autonomous driving

Automotive component manufacturer Bosch has developed MPC3 camera with artificial intelligence for the autonomous vehicles, claims the company in a release.

As Bosch claims, the camera uses a combination of multi-path approach and AI for object recognition to make surround sensing more reliable and roads much safer. It can also improve legacy driver assistance systems and extend their application range.

According to Bosch, the MPC3 mono video camera is able to detect in a flash if an object is relevant for their driving strategy and determine what their reaction to relevant objects should be. It also helps in applying emergency braking, since the camera can recognize pedestrians even when they are partially concealed.

The new Bosch MPC3 camera comes with improved road-sign recognition featuring optical character recognition that reliably reads text and numbers on road signs, claims the company. It also presents the information to the driver using the dashboard display.