Evoke Motorcycles Unveils New Electric Power Cruiser


Evoke Motorcycles, a Beijing-based electric motorcycle manufacturer, has unveiled a new electric power cruiser, called the Evoke 6061. The name is derived from the "Twin Plate Frame" which uses precision laser cutting process from solid T6-6061 aluminium billet pieces.

The rear swingarm uses the same twin plate design and sports dual coil-over rear shocks. The Evoke 6061 employs a 120 kW (160 bhp) motor with a chain final drive, and provides over 272 Nm of torque. While the company hasn't revealed the top speed of the 6061, it says that the new motor and batteries offer a higher top speed than the previous 130 kmph with Evoke's Urban Series electric motorcycle.

What is also unique is that Evoke will be using its latest Gen 2 battery modules which are capable of attaining a 0-80 per cent charge in just 15 minutes. The Evoke 6061 will be packing 6 of these batteries for a combined 15.4 kWh of energy capacity. But fast charging and the six battery packs will also mean the need for a good heat management system.

So far, there's no word on actual range of the batteries, but most estimates put city range in the region of 300 km on a single charge. Evoke Motorcycles intends to have the 6061 on the road by June 2019, so it's not very far from where we will can see how the bike eventually performs, although there's no word yet on if the 6061 will be introduced in India. What is confirmed though is that Evoke Motorcycles is planning to make its debut in India. Evoke also has two models, the Urban S and Urban Classic in its portfolio, but for the Indian market, an all-new entry-level electric motorcycle is expected to be launched.