Getting driving licence to be more user-friendly


In the next six months, the ride to get a driving licence will become smoother as the transport department is going to introduce new systems at all its 13 regional transport offices (RTOs).

At present, those applying for a learners’ licence have to visit their nearest RTO and give a biometric scan and a vision test, followed by an online test conducted on a computer. The computers, however, are going to be replaced by pedestal-mounted touchscreens for a better testing experience.

Getting driving licence to be more user-friendly “The pedestal-mounted touchscreens are much more user friendly than computers,” said a senior transport department official. “The touchscreens are already in place at the Mall Road RTO and the feedback has been positive. We are soon going to float tenders to procure more such machines for the 12 other RTOs,” he added.

Over four lakh learner’s licences are issued by the transport department every year and more than half the applicants are in the age group of 18-24.

The department is also trying to make the process of giving the driving test for permanent licences hassle-free. “We are now going to introduce a token-based system. After taking the token, an applicant can sit in the airconditioned waiting room and wait for their number to flash on a LED screen to carry out formalities, such as a biometric scan,” the official said.

The RTOs that don’t have waiting halls with adequate sitting arrangements will soon be creating them. LED screens would also be put at in the waiting halls. “We had earlier tried to introduce the token-based system, but it wasn’t successful,” the official added.