Hero Electric partners with CSC e-Governance to promote rural e-mobility in India

Electric two-wheeler manufacturer Hero Electric on Thursday has partnered with CSC e-Governance Services India Limited to promote electric mobility in rural and relatively under-developed areas of the country. 

As part of this partnership, Hero Electric will provide its eco-friendly products to the CSC E-Governance to further reach rural areas and promote electric mobility adoption. The CSC e-Governance, on the other hand, will provide these electric vehicles through their own channels, enabling people in rural areas to access and adapt to smarter and green mobility solutions.

Sohinder Gill, CEO, Hero Electric said, “As pioneers in the electric two-wheeler industry in India, this partnership perfectly aligns with our purpose of promoting ‘Green Mobility’ by identifying opportunities for EV transition even at the grass roots level. We will continue to collaborate with institutions through such initiatives, to ensure that the sales of electric vehicles witness healthy growth year-on-year in the country, including the rural areas.”

Currently CSCE has 250,000 centers with the Gram Panchayat and 150,000 centers in urban cities, which act as a host of B2C services of the CSC Channels for citizens of the remote areas of the country.

Dr Dinesh Tyagi, CEO, CSC e Governance Services India said, “A transition to electric mobility, especially in urban areas, is at the top of the Government of India’s policy agenda and now it’s time to take this wave forward to rural areas as well.”