Hero Motocorp discontinues 7 models in India

Hero Motocorp has discontinued seven models in India, removing them from the official website.

The list includes commuter motorcycles like the Splendor Plus i3S, Passion Pro i3S, Passion XPro, Glamour, and Glamour Fi. While the Passion XPro and Glamour have been removed completely, the other motorcycles have been upgraded as new, BS6-compliant models.

Moreover, Hero has also discontinued its 110cc scooters- the Maestro Edge and Duet from the country.

These scooters have been replaced by the Maestro Edge 125 and Destini 125 respectively.

In addition to these models, most of Hero’s 200cc range, except the Xpulse 200 have also been removed from the website. Nonetheless, Hero is expected to launch the Xtreme 160R in India once the country comes out of lockdown.