Hyundai Kona Iron Man Special Edition SUV Price Unveiled


Hyundai unveiled a 2019 Kona that looked like it was redesigned by Stark Industries themselves, with a front end designed to look like Iron Man's mask and details inspired by Tony's high-tech suit. Believe it or not, this Marvel model is actually slated to hit the consumer market this year. 

The Iron Man Special Edition will be available with two transmission options, front-wheel and all-wheel drive, for $31,565 and $32,995, respectively, with delivery.

That puts the cheaper option at approximately $5,000 more than the Kona's most expensive trim, so what exactly does this Marvel designation get you beyond the cars currently available on the market?

The exclusive matte grey exterior has red "armour" details from the roof to the front bumper, which now features styling cues reminiscent of the Iron Man Exosuit. Additionally, in case these design decisions weren't obvious enough allusions to the Marvel character, Iron Man and Stark Industries logos can be found printed all over the body, including on both the front and rear fenders, the hub caps, and the roof (where the sunroof is on the Kona Ultimate).

The Marvel redesign continues to the interior with "Iron Man-themed technical graphics" for the heads-up display, an 8-inch touchscreen newly branded by Stark Industries, and a signature from the superhero himself right on the dashboard.