Kia Cars Will Be Able To READ Your Face In The Future

Kia has developed an AI-operated car interior interface which deciphers drivers’ emotions and simultaneously optimizes the in-vehicle environment to match it. Thanks to an army of sensors interweaved together, R.E.A.D or Real-time Emotion Adaptive Driving System (as Kia calls it) creates a personalised driver’s space. By continuously assessing the driver’s emotional state through detection and analysis of bio signals it adjusts lighting, sound, cabin temperature, seat vibration and even scent!

The R.E.A.D system can detect a variety of signals such as facial expression and heartbeat with the help of AI machine learning. It then tailors the interior environment according to its assessment, potentially altering conditions relating to the five senses within the cabin. To demonstrate the potential of the R.E.A.D. System, Kia has installed specially designed experiential modules at its CES booth.

According to Albert Biermann, President and Head of Research & Development Division of Hyundai Motor Group, "Kia considers the interactive cabin a focal point for future mobility, and the R.E.A.D. system represents a convergence of cutting-edge vehicle control technology and AI-based emotional intelligence.

While Kia says it is meant to create a “joyful cabin experience”, we cannot help but be a little terrified at the prospects of constant observation by machines (blame sci-fi and hollywood).

Apart from the AI-enabled face-reading tech, Kia is also presenting a potential solution for smart-city mobility at CES 2019 with its 'SEED Car' concept. The 'SEED Car' is a four-wheel electric cycle with a range of 100km. It’s based on a pedal-electric hybrid system, requiring pedal input from the driver, but with a high degree of electric power assistance to make it effortless. Kia says, the concept has been designed to make urban driving easier and safer, while exploring how it could make the final mile of any journey possible with a personal mobility device.