KTM 390 Duke Modified into a Scrambler

Modifying a motorcycle is a tricky business, but if you get it right, the end product can be a rather gorgeous machine. This is what seems to be the case with what Colt Wrangler Motorcycles have achieved by tweaking around with a KMT 390 Duke. The American company has given the motorcycle immense attention to detail and has turned the sporty street-naked motorcycle into a mud-slushing Scrambler.

They have gone to such an extent that perhaps one might not be able to recognize that the motorcycle is based on the KTM Duke 390. The only giveaway, for those keen eye, is that it still retains the signature orange chassis and is on display in full glory. 

In terms of changes, the motorcycle has been fitted with proper off-road biased knobby tyres to not only look the part but be a capable scrambler as well. There is a bash plate that has been fitted under the engine for better protection as well. 

It gets minimal styling with a new asymmetrical headlamp unit, whose panel extends into a short beak to give it some character. There are no front and rear fenders and the fuel tank has been redesigned as well. And this is here where one of the cleverest additions to the motorcycle can be seen. While Colt Wrangler Motorcycles have done away with most of the stock fitments that the KTM 390 Duke comes with, they have retained the digital instrument cluster. Interestingly, it is now position flush with the custom fuel tank and looks fantastic. 

That’s not it, there’s a new seat as well which is meant for a single rider and the taillights have been neatly integrated into the sub-frame, leaving all the attention for the glorious exhaust that sits underneath it. There’s a new handlebar as well which sits higher in order to be comfortable in reach of the rider as they are expected to be standing on the foot pegs when using this motorcycle off-road.

There is no mention of any mechanical updates to the motorcycle but nevertheless, it’s a fantastic look custom KTM 390 Duke.