KTM reopens dealerships across India

KTM India has announced the restart of dealer operations across the country. The company took to social media to announce that they will be reopening dealerships across India.

These dealerships and touchpoints will resume both sales and service operations. KTM has also released a list of dealerships which will be open across every state of India.

There are still a few which continue to remain closed, probably because of its presence in a containment zone.

The restart of operations across all KTM dealerships will take place according to the guidelines set by the central and state governments. Dealerships in the green zone can resume operations, while those in the orange zone require approval to restart.

However, the showrooms in the red zone will continue to remain shut until the end of lockdown.

All dealerships which resume operations will also follow all the safety and social distancing protocols. All staff members at dealerships will be trained to adhere to and follow personal hygiene and other safety measures, to ensure the safety of themselves and of customers.


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