Mercedes-Benz to bring 9 new models in 2017

Mercedes-Benz has been super aggressive with its brand strategy, not just in India, but in the global scene too. The luxury car maker brought in 15 new models in India last year and announced plans of introducing 12 more, earlier this year.

A leaked document now reveals its global plan for 2017 with nine new launches on the cards.

The document leaked online following an internal summit discussing Mercedes’ financial results for 2016. The file reveals that the company will be launching nine new models to expand its global portfolio next year. Aside from these Mercedes models, two new models from Smart will also be making its international debut in 2017.

The plan for 2017 reveals the official launch of the Mercedes-AMG GT R in the first half of the year and, the GT C later in the year. Currently, details of the GT C are still sketchy with some reports claiming it to be a compact iteration of the GT while some others claiming it to be a soft top version of the GT R. Aside from the GT C, Mercedes will also be bringing in the new generation E-Class Coupe and a mildly updated version GLA. Interestingly, the GLA has been referred to as a coupe in the leaked document.

Aside from the aforementioned Mercedes models, two new Smart ForTwos are also expected to be introduced in the market. The latter half of the year will also see the launch of the next-generation E-Class Cabriolet and mildly refreshed S-Class.

Meanwhile, in India Mercedes-Benz will launch the C-Class convertible during the festive season later this year and the GLC Coupe in early 2017.