Now Get Your Maruti Suzuki Cars Serviced At Night

Maruti Suzuki has announced an industry-first initiative in the form of night service. Yes, it is exactly as it sounds, you can now give your Maruti car for service in the night. Maruti intends to improve the ownership experience and intends to take the hassle out of giving your car for service, especially as servicing usually translates to not having your car for an entire day.

The idea is to make it to let customers always have their Maruti cars available during the day when it is required most. The night service initiative was started at the Gurugram workshop last year as a pilot program to test out the viability of the night service program. It has since grown to five more cities around the country, namely Noida, Bhubaneshwar, Bengaluru, Sahibabad and Mangalore.

The company is looking to expand this initiative to other cities, but will be looking at IT hubs and cities where the night shift population is rather high. And it is not only aimed towards professionals, but at fleet owners as well for whom giving the car for service usually results in losing at least a half a day’s business.

Currently, Maruti is servicing 25 cars per night shift on average, but the number is set to increase based on demand. Here are some benefits of the night service program:

Any Maruti car can be serviced at the workshop and not just Arena cars only

There is no extra cost above the standard service cost

Pickup and drop service is provided free of charge

Loaner car will be provided free of charge in case the owner car needs more work

Mechanical repairs and part replacement covered in night service. Body work however, is not covered

According to Maruti, the response for the night service program is quite good and the company is looking forward to expanding to other cities around the country. But the expansion will be based on demand.