Tata Motors unveils two-seater sports coupe-TAMO RACEMO

After building much excitement, Tata has finally taken the wraps off its first two-door sports coupe for India – the RACEMO, the first of TAMO’s creations.

It also has a track-specific cousin called RACEMO+, which has added graphics and a more aerodynamic body kit. It is based on the all-new patented MOFlex modular platform with Multi-Material Sandwich (MMS) structure, which will help TAMO develop new products faster.

The first glimpse of the RACEMO was given to us at the Tata press conference in February, where they introduce the TAMO brand.

Tata mentioned that the RACEMO could have a limited production run, which now seems to be the case as the car shown at Geneva comes with graphics which indicate the production number.

Although the capacity of the engine has not been disclosed, the RACEMO will have 190PS of max power at 6500rpm and a max torque of 210Nm at 2500rpm.

The power will most likely be sent to the rear wheels and the car will have a 0-100kmph time of under 6-seconds.

The RACEMO will also be the first connected car from TAMO. Tata is calling it the ‘phygital’ car, which merges the physical and digital worlds together.

The connected part comes as a result of Tata’s collaboration with Microsoft and the RACEMO will feature technologies such as cloud computing, analytics, geo-spatial and mapping, and an increased human-machine interface.

The RACEMO+ has also been introduced to the Xbox based game – Forza Horizon 3. The RACEMO is the first Indian car to be featured on the gaming platform and can be raced against sports and supercars of the world.

If this is what Tata has planned for the future of TAMO, this is certainly going to be an exciting journey.

Alongside the RACEMO, Tata also showcased the Tigor and Nexon at the Geneva Motor show.