TVS Introduces Sync Brake System On Jupiter And Wego Scooters

TVS Motor Company has introduced its new combined braking system called ‘Sync Brake System’ on the TVS Jupiter and Wego automatic scooters. The Sync Brake System, or SBS, works with the front and rear brakes, applying them together in quick succession. This system is already available on two-wheelers from Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India. Honda calls the system Combi-Braking System (CBS). Hero MotoCorp also offers it, and calls it Integrated Braking System (IBS).

TVS says that the SBS uses a reactive relay to apply co-brakes in quick succession to improve the effectiveness of braking. The system automatically activates the front brakes when the rear brake is used. Since the brake force distribution is front-biased, SBS makes for more effective and even braking. So you do not face rear wheel lock, especially during emergency braking and thus come to a more controlled stop.

TVS also says that both brakes are used even if the rider pulls only one of the brake levers. The system also makes reduced physical force input on the part of the rider, and TVS says the SBS increases the life of brake liners and tyres.

The Sync Braking System was first made available on the TVS Wego, followed by the TVS Jupiter ZX variant. However, the tech is now available across all variants of both scooters. TVS though, has not confirmed if prices of the standard variant of the Jupiter have been hiked. The Jupiter range currently starts at Rs 49,966 for the standard version, while the ZX trim is priced at Rs 51,989. The front disc brake equipped version of the Jupiter costs Rs 53,966. The TVS Wego range starts at Rs 50,934