Volkswagen Teases New EV Concept; Will Debut At The Paris Motor Show

We’ve always seen some great concepts from Volkswagen at Motor Shows and this year at the 2016 Paris Motor Show is not going to be any different.

This year, the company is bringing, what it calls as a ‘one-of-a-kind concept car’. It also says that the concept is as revolutionary as the Beetle and this zero-emissions vehicle will pave the way for VW’s electrified future.

Now, the concept will be similar in size to the Golf which is essentially a hatchback but it will be spacious on the inside.

VW’s Herbert Diess had already spoken about the electric vehicles battery pack and had said that the car will provide a range between 400-600 kilometres, which is quite good. We’ve even heard Christian Senger, the car’s project leader announce that the construction will be similar to the cars that are currently on sale.

This means that the body construction will predominantly make use of steel so it isn’t a radical body concept.

The concept will make the transition to a production model by around 2019 and will be the first car based on the MEB (modular electrification kit) platform. There are already a host of models based on this platform and this even includes the second-gen Phaeton along with the Budd-e concept that we’ve already seen among others.

The EV push is part of the company’s new ‘Together – Strategy 2025’ and according to this plan, the company will launch 30 electric vehicles by 2020. VW is banking on making waves in the electric car segment and with significant investment going that way, the new concept is just part of the grand design.