Anti-Aging Foods You Must Eat

Aging is the process that occurs when the cells in the body fall victim to external elements (like heat, wind, sun etc.) and wither off. If the body cells stay well oxygenated and healthy, the process of aging can be postponed. Certain foods can help in preventing the withering of the skin cells

1. Avocado

This is one of the most alkalizing foods available in nature. It leads the list of anti-aging foods. Avocados are very rich in vitamin E which is essential for glowing skin and shining hair. It also helps you to keep the wrinkles away from your face. Eating raw avocado can help you look younger and live longer. You can also eat cooked avocado with salt for better effects.

2. Chocolates

We’re sure most of you are lovers of chocolates. Dark chocolates are one among the best age fighting foods. The cocoa in chocolate has some nutrients which can help in keeping the cells rejuvenated for a long time and repairing the damaged cells.

3. Coffee or green tea

If you are addicted to drinking coffee or green tea, then you’re at an advantage. Coffee is regarded as one among the best anti-aging foods. Coffee and tea have antioxidants which give you a younger look.

4. Melons

These are the most famous anti-aging foods. Melons have some of the best nutritional properties of all the fruits. They are pulpy and contain lots of vitamins for your body. Adding melons in your diet will make you live longer. Consuming lot of water melon and musk melon will yield better results.

5. Beans

Beans are the highest source of healthy protein and antioxidants. Animal protein may cause many of the illnesses that we face as we grow older. Switching to a healthy vegetarian diet certainly will help in improving the health of your heart and arteries. Beans are a necessary part of any healthy, vegetarian diet. Beans will also help you in brightening your skin.

6. Vegetables

We know, it is quite uninteresting to speak about the need to eat more vegetables. But, we all really need to intake lots of vegetables, especially raw ones. In fact, if people start consuming fruits and vegetables every day as a supplement for a meal, there would surely be a huge decrease in heart diseases, cancer, high blood pressure and more. So find some way to eat more veggies or fruits on a regular basis. This not only helps in keeping you fit but also makes you look attractive and fresh.

7. Nuts

Most of the nuts have the anti-aging properties. Walnut and almonds are the ones having the highest range of anti aging factors. You can also consume peanuts as a supplement for almonds.

8. Berries

All berries, especially gooseberries, are very rich in vitamin C and therefore highly helpful to the body. Vitamin C helps in proper blood circulation and provides minerals and salts to all the body parts. This helps in keeping the body fit and fight against aging.