Eye Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

The best part about brown eyes is that they look naturally deep because of the depth of this color. The makeup that tends to suit brown eyes is the dark and dramatic makeup although natural earthy shades also look apt on brown eyes.

Metallic eye shadow colors

Since the color of the eyes are already deep, metallic colors can just do wonders to your eyes. Shades of gold, silver, bronze, brown, and even pink can help enhance your eyes and such shades will not even overpower the natural beauty of your eyes. These are the perfect solution for parties and evening get-togethers. You can also contrast these with whites and beiges to create a highlight that will just do the trick.

Neutral eye shadow colors

While going to work or just for a brunch, you can play around naturally with some nude or natural shades. Shades like beige, peach, brown and taupes are perfect when you want to create a subtle and elegant look. You can use contrasting eyeliners like dark browns and blacks to create the intensity required. This is perfect for daily wear.

Deep eye shadow colors

These shades go well with your eye color making you stand out in a crowd. Shades of brown, purple, plum, gray, vanilla, mahogany and the likes are just like an icing on the cake for deep brown eyes. These shades will emphasize your natural eye color and would suit you perfectly. They will blend so well with your eyes that you would look absolutely charming without you having to worry too much about your eye makeup. The smoky eyes using shades of black and grays can also do wonders to your eyes making it look dramatic and adding depth to your eyes.


Eyeliners play an essential role mostly for brown eyes as they give the right detail and enhancement required. We suggest that you go for darker shades of liners such as brown, black and even dark gray. These shades will add that touch of prominence required for your makeup and will give a highlighting effect to your eyes. While wearing fresh and bright colors, you can also opt for liners in blue and pink.