Facts About Spray Tan

1. Illusion of vitamin D

Most tanning parlors would give you the illusion of health that the ultraviolet (UV) radiation which you receive during the tanning process would provide vitamin D to your body. The reality of this being that spray tanning provides absolutely zero vitamin D to your system.

2. Spray tanning ingredients

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a color additive is the main ingredient in most spray tanning solutions. It reacts with the amino acids on the surface layer of your skin to darken it and provide the tan. Modern tanning products contain between 1 percent to 15 percent DHA. The industry claims that DHA is a simple carbohydrate sugar solution, while various toxicologists differ in opinion, and say that this isn’t safe. Spray tans also contain lead, arsenic and mercury. 

3. Could be cancerous

While the tanning product is being spread into your body, you are inhaling it in. Once the DHA reaches your lungs, it spreads throughout your body via the bloodstream. Several experiments have been conducted at various university based laboratories where DHA was tested on different forms of bacteria and skin cell of mice.

4. Other adverse effects

Research conducted by the FDA has found that spray tanning can also have other adverse effects such as skin rashes, coughing, dizziness, and also fainting.

5. Few precautions

With all the dangers that revolve around spray tanning, if you still have to get a tan for some special occasion, take the maximum safety measurements. Do ask for eyewear, nose plugs and a mouth covering to not allow any direct entry of the chemicals into your respiratory organs.