Foods That You Must Avoid After Exercising

There are certain foods that you must never eat after exercising. As we all know, having a proper exercise routine can go a long way in keeping up our health. It is a proven fact that working out or exercising regularly can minimise the risk of a number of ailments, especially lifestyle disorders like diabetes, obesity, etc.A healthy diet coupled with a regular exercise routine, is what every person needs in order to remain healthy. Exercise can also help treat a number of disorders and their symptoms. In fact, there are a few diseases for which exercise is the main form of treatment.

If you want to attain the maximum benefit from your workout and avoid health complications, you need to follow certain diet tips along with exercise. There are a few common foods that we need to consume and there are also a few foods we must totally avoid, after an exercise session.Here are some foods that you must avoid after exercising.

Foods that you must avoid after exercising are:

1.Raw Vegetables: Although raw veggies are healthy, you should not eat just that after a workout session. As your body would have lost a lot of nutrients while working out, just raw vegetables will not be able to replenish your body well.

2.Sweets: Foods to avoid after exercising include sweets, pastries, etc., as the high amount of sugar in them can stop the fat burning process of your body, minimising the good effects of the workout.

3.Spicy Foods: Eating spicy chaats or the likes, after a good exercise session can be bad for health, as your body is still in the process of recovery after the workout and spicy foods can slow that process down.

4.Steak: While lean meat is a good post-workout food, heavy meat dishes like steak or meat with too much gravy, spices and oil should be avoided after exercising, as it can slow down metabolism.

5.Fatty Foods: Foods to avoid after exercising are foods rich in unhealthy fats, like fries, chips, samosas, etc. Even just a little amount of fatty foods can cancel out the positive effects of the workout.

6.Energy Bars: Most energy bars contain a lot of sugar and fat content, so even though they can make you feel energised after a workout, they can create an imbalance in your blood sugar levels.

7.Beans: Foods to avoid after exercising are beans, as they can lead to gastritis and indigestion, when consumed after a workout.

These are the foods that you must avoid after exercising.