Get The Look With Red Lips And Smokey Eyes

The best thing about red lipstick is that it's great for both day and night wear. If there was one single lipstick that you could literally carry with you day in and day out everywhere, all through the year, all around the world, that would be a red lipstick. And then smoky eyes...even before the invention of a mascara, Indian women have been rocking the kohl-eyed look for centuries, and it has been tried, tested and much loved.Few women carry their entire makeup kits with them, as they head out of the house, but that hardly matters if you have the basics in place. Strong colour on the eyes, and strong colour on the lips; and this is a classic look that makes you look like a star both during the morning and night.

1.The Casual Red-Lip And Smoky Eyed Look For Daytime: This is an absolutely amazing look for daywear that makes your face bloom, and makes you seem at least a hundred times more cheerful than you seemed originally. It also draws a lot of attention to your face, so it's great for you if you have a great smile (most people do) and nice eyes (everybody does). If, however, you don't have a great skin, you might want to use some foundation and concealer to cover up not just your pigmentation, but also your laugh lines, crow's feet, little wrinkles and open pores.

Give yourself a clean template to start with. Don't overdo the foundation; keep it light and select one that has a soft and dewy finish. Contour your face, emphasizing on your cheekbones, jawbone and hairline and gently blend it in. Use the right brushes to contour, and don't use one brush for everything. Add a light blusher on your cheekbones very slightly and blend it in. Apply a mascara on your eyes, only on the upper eyelashes and leave the lower eyelashes as it is. If you're inclined towards applying kohl, apply it on your lower waterline and apply mascara on your upper lashes. Now, take your perfect red lipstick, and apply it, with or without a lip liner. Look in the mirror - that lovely vision really is you! This look is perfect for the day and office wear, and translates easily into a night look as the day goes by.

2.The Glam Red Lip And Smoky Eyed Look For Night-time: This look has been iconized by divas over the centuries, so it's all out there in public domain. There is no one way to nail this look, and the most special element in this look is you, yourself. Anyhow, you'll need some light foundation and concealer to hide those spots and fine lines and once you're done with the base, you can contour your face. A rough 'three' on either side of your face could guide you as you contour. Always use a shade darker than your foundation to contour, and don't forget your jawline, hairline and cheekbones. Apply some shiny blusher with the right brush, skipping your open pores, and applying it just on top, not to the apples of your cheeks, and not too low, as neither would produce the desired effect.

You could try the winged eyeliner look for the night. Whip out your black liquid eyeliner and with a steady hand, draw a neat line on the inside of your lower and upper waterlines. Then, line the outside of your eyes, above the eyelashes. Blue would add some extra drama here, as would any metallic shade, but black is great too. Then, draw a small triangle on the outside of your eye, pointing towards your ears. Draw two 'wings' pointing towards your ears. Keep them small, neat and even. Curl your lashes and apply a mascara, and add two coats for extra drama. Stick two small glitter sequins, one under each eye, as glitter tears to highlight the drama. Wear your ultra moisturizing red lipstick, with or without a lip liner. Dust your face lightly with some glitter, and you're ready to go.