Glitter Nail Looks That You Must Try

You definitely would find all these such amazing options to try. We bet, by the end of this post, you'd even plan to try one instantly!Glitter can add an instant look of glam to you and can up your fancy quotient by a lot. And your hands do a lot of talking, believe it or not. So, to put a good impression on people when you are talking to them, let your hands dazzle and do all the talking!Well-groomed nails are a huge part of looking presentable, so for these glitter nail looks to look great and work out, you must keep your nails well groomed. That includes, keeping them trimmed in shape and ensuring that the cuticles are well moisturised. You could read our other posts on how to groom those nails and cuticles.Here are some glitter nail looks that you must try.

1.Emerald Green: There is something very royal about this shade and look. Go for this, especially because it is so perfect for the winter season.

2.Olive Green: Another classy shade, the gold and olive green shades just go perfectly together. This is definitely a glitter nail look that you must try out today!

3.Red & Gold: The quintessential Indian bridal shades look so good together on the nails, especially when done in this French manicure kind of a glitter nail look.

4.Black & Gold: This is another really classy glitter nail look to try out. It adds the much-needed glam quotient to the otherwise plain black nails.

5.Pink: This pink glitter and polka dotted nail look is perfect for when you're looking for something that is funky and cute.

6.Rose & Silver: These two shades make for a feminine combination. We love how only the tips have been covered in glitter in this glitter nail look.

These are the glitter nail looks that you must try.