Hair Maintenance Tips In Summer

1.Guzzle water

The first of all tips, but easy to overlook; keep yourself hydrated. Drink lots of liquids which will keep your scalp soft and plump and your roots flush with fluids. Increasing your water intake is the best solution.

2.Avoid excessive washing

It is a myth that the more you wash your hair, the cleaner it will become. It is a well-known fact that shampoo sucks the moisture out of your hair. Cutting down on washing your hair will allow them to absorb natural oils. If you must wash it, use shampoo followed by a good conditioner.

3.Regularly trim your hair

Just like the scalp, hair can get sunburnt. Trimming the hair at regular intervals is the best way to deal with this problem. A trim every 4-6 weeks is ideal during summer months. This will remove the damaged, frizzy ends.

4.Wear head gear

Wear a hat, scarf or a cap. This is an easy way to protect your locks from the heat of summer. Make sure, whatever you wear is loose enough to allow room for blood circulation near the scalp. You will accomplish two things in one go – you’ll protect your hair and you’ll make a fashion statement at the same time!

5.Use hair care products

For those of you who do not like to wear protective gear, make sure you apply protective hair care products, if you are planning to step out in the sun for longer periods. Hair care products with SPF protection are the way to go. There is a range of amazing hair care and treatment products available for you to choose from. Don’t keep changing your hair care product brand frequently.

6.Avoid excessive styling

Avoid use of styling tools that are “heated”. Hot styling tools like rollers, hot irons and hot air blow driers are bad for your hair. If you must blow dry, try combining it with a leave-in conditioner. This will give you added protection from the heat.

7.Protect yourself while swimming

For those of you who are fond of hitting the pool, it is important to know that exposure to chlorine will lead to dryness in the head. Wetting your hair in plain water before entering the pool will lead to reduced absorption of chlorine. Or another good alternative is to wear a swim cap.

8.Use herbal products

Frizzy hair can be a painful situation to deal with during summers. Jojoba oil can be applied to the frizzy areas, especially to the strands of your hair. This can be used as an overnight treatment, or for protection of dry strands throughout the day. Organically manufactured hair products are also available in the market to choose from.

9.Tie your hair

Control your frizzes by keeping your hair knotted or wear a bun. This will reduce the exposure of hair to the harsh sun. Additionally, you will also be able to flaunt nice hair clips and bands!

10.Avoid alcohol based products

Avoid overuse of hair styling products and hair chemicals, especially the ones that contain alcohol. Such products may cause increased dryness in the hair. As far as possible, use natural products which are gentle on the hair.