Hair N Skin Care Benefits Of Coffee

Coffee is one of the best stimulants that helps million people to wake up in the morning.The caffeine present in coffee is known to have good benefits for the skin and hair. It reduces redness, cellulite, treats puffy eyes and so on.Caffeine has been used in skin care and hair care regimen. It helps to improve the skin condition. The antioxidants present in it help to brighten up the face.

It also helps to colour the hair naturally. The brew of coffee can be used to detangle the hair too. It can be used as a natural dye to cover the grey strands in the hair.It can also add a nice shine to the tresses. Incorporate coffee in your skin care regimen to get a flawless skin and gorgeous hair. The benefits of coffee for the skin and hair care are innumerable.Here are some hair and skin care benefits of coffee.

Hair and skin care benefits of coffee are:

1.Treats Dark Circles: Coffee works wonders in treating the under-eye dark circles. It effectively eliminates them. It also soothes the eyes and provides a great relief to puffy eyes. Make a paste of coffee powder by adding water. Apply it under the eyes and rinse after sometime.

2.Exfoliating Scrub: Coffee acts as an excellent scrub and exfoliates the skin. It can also reduce cellulite to bring out a cleaner complexion. Mix olive oil with some coffee powder and use it as a face scrub.

3.Prevents Excess Oil And Blackheads: Coffee works as a quick remedy to remove black spots on the nose, chin and forehead. It also reduces the excess of oil on the skin and removes dirt from the clogged pores.

4.Skin Whitening: Coffee is also a skin-whitening agent. It is highly used in facials to brighten up the skin. It encourages blood circulation, helps the skin get rid of the cellulite. It revitalises the skin and makes it look brighter.

5.Lustrous Locks: Coffee can also be used to get those lustrous locks that you’ve been desiring for. The coffee brew helps to get rid of the frizzy and tangled hair. It renders shiny hair by preventing dandruff and reducing hair fall.

6.Hair Colour: Coffee can add a depth to your hair colour. It works as a natural hair dye and helps to cover up the grey hair. Mix coffee with some henna powder. Apply this paste on to the hair and rinse after an hour or so to colour your hair naturally.

These are the hair and skin care benefits of coffee.