Hairstyles From Kate Middleton To Try For Everyday Look

She is Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, the Duchess Of Cambridge and wife of Prince William; yet the world conveniently recalls her as Kate Middleton. Even before their wedding, when the media spilled the news of their lovely relationship, her fashion sense was specifically noticed by fashionistas and critics.Despite eagle eye observations, none could comment negatively on her fashion sense till now. Even on her own wedding day, back in 2011, she carried a very simple look elegantly winning hearts of millions across the globe.Here are some hairstyles from Kate Middleton to try for everyday look.

1.Central Parted Simple Ponytail: A very simple one, in this one the duchess of Cambridge sets a unique style by covering her ears with a part of her hair, adding a retro style. The central parting goes excellent with any shape of face and just ensure that the ponytail at the end is tightly fastened, so that it does not get messed up in a while.

2.Feathered Layers With Coloured Highlights: Often Kate is noticed in this hairdo, that has nothing much except the coloured highlights to flaunt. To do this, you need to pick the right colours for the highlights and the rest is just a blow dry. This hairstyle can be coordinated with a side parting also.

3.Side Swept Hair Bun: More apt for women with long hair, this hairstyle of Kate Middleton includes a hair bun at the back with a side parting in the front. This can be carried with a western and ethnic look as well. Mostly importantly, you really don't really have to bother about your age to do this wide swept hairbun. From young college goers to professionals in the office, anyone can go for this side swept hair bun.

4.Side Twists With Open Hair: Another fuss-free hairstyle that Kate went for is this side twists with open hair. In this, she has open hair at the back, while by the side she has some twisted patterns. This hairdo, must be fixed with some bobby pins or clips at the back of the hair.

5.Messy Hair Bun, An Anytime Look: If you are really lazy and intend to spend least time on hairdos, then this one by Kate Middleton is your cup of tea. It is a messy bun at the back, where she has done a side swept parting. You can do this messy hair bun anytime with any kind of parting that suits your face. For this, a scrunchy, or a clutch can alone keep the bun in place.

6.Front Fringe With Rolled Open Hair: Kate has also been noticed flaunting her fringes. In this picture, she has a front fringe covering half of her forehead. By the side, the peeping out open hair shows thick rolled endings. This hairstyle would require your curler to work on but once done, it is sure to stay for long.

7.Hair Highlights At The Edge: In this, while the rest of her hair has a uniform colour, the standout is the edge, where she has highlights as the only adding charisma to her usual hairdo. For this one, just head to the salon and ask your hair professional to pick a good hair colour for you. Do that, only on the edge of your hair. This one can be opted for by women with short hair or long hair as well.

These are the hairstyles from Kate Middleton to try for everyday look.