Home Remedies To Get Baby Soft Lips

Drop in temperature can take a serious toll on the health and appearance of your lips. It can leave your lips looking chapped and rough. As the skin on your lips is delicate, ignoring the above-mentioned problems can only worsen the state of your lips.That is why, you should treat this beauty problem on an immediate basis and the best way to do that would be by using home remedies.These remedies are 100% natural, safe to use, cost-effective and, most importantly, highly effective in softening the texture of the lips.Here are some home remedies to get baby soft lips.

Home remedies to get baby soft lips are:

1.Ghee: Slathering desi ghee on the lips is an age-old way to soften its texture. Its moisturizing abilities can combat the problem of rough and chapped lips. 

To Use: Just smear a little bit of desi ghee on your lips and leave it off. Try doing this twice a day to get baby-soft lips.

2.Granulated Sugar: Sugar is an excellent exfoliating agent that can effectively remove dead skin from your lips area, thereby softening its texture. 

To Use: Combine ½ a teaspoon of granulated sugar with 1 teaspoon of rose water. Gently rub the mix all over your lips area. After a few minutes, wash it off with tepid water. Use it 3-4 times in a day to get soft lips.

3.Pomegranate Juice: When used on the lips, pomegranate juice can act as a moisturizing and conditioning agent. Other than improving the texture, it can also help your lips become naturally pink. 

To Use: Soak a cotton ball in pomegranate juice and dab it all over your lips. After keeping it on for about half an hour, wash off the residue with cold water. Use it once a day to get gorgeous lips.

4.Cold Milk: The nutrients in milk can help your lips become soft and smooth. This remedy can be used all year long for ensuring that your lips don't get rough. 

To Use: Gently rub cold milk all over your lips area. Leave it to dry for about 15 minutes before washing it off with tepid water. You can use this remedy twice a day to treat rough lips.

5.Beetroot: A true favourite for treating all lips-related problems, beetroot is another remarkable ingredient that you should consider using for treating rough lips. 

To Use: Cut a thin slice of a beetroot and rub it all over your lips. Do it for a few minutes before rinsing your lips with cold water. This remedy can be used 2-3 times a day to get pink and baby-soft lips.

6.Honey: A natural moisturizer, honey can work wonders on your rough lips problem. It's a rich source of skin-softening antioxidants that can make the problem of rough lips a thing of the past. 

To Use: Take a little bit of honey and slather it all over your lips. Leave it there for the next 10 minutes before cleansing it off with cold water. Follow up by applying a lip balm.

7.Almond Oil: Another lips-softening natural ingredient that deserves a spot in your beauty routine is almond oil. This natural oil can be used daily to bid adieu to the rough lips problem. 

To Use: Apply 3 to 4 drops of almond oil on to the lips and leave it overnight as it is. Next morning, wash it off to notice pink and baby-soft lips like never before.

8.Olive Oil: Olive oil is another tried-and-tested remedial ingredient that can work like a charm on your rough lips problem. This oil acts a natural moisturizer that works far better than store-bought balms. 

To Use: Pour a little bit of olive oil in your palms and then use your fingertips to apply it all over your lips. Use it 3-4 times a day as a lip balm to get visible results.

9.Aloe Vera Gel: The last home remedy on this list is the incredible aloe vera gel. Using this remedy on your lips is the most effective way of improving its overall texture. Not only can it soften your lips but it can also combat the problem of dark skin on your lips. 

To Use: Just scoop out a little bit of gel from an aloe vera plant and put it all over your lips. Allow it to dry for about half an hour before rinsing it off with tepid water. Give this method a try on a daily basis to get immediate results.

These are the home remedies to get baby soft lips.