Home Remedies to Make Skin Tone Even

1.Lemon juice and honey

Natural honey is a natural and the best bleaching agent. When combined with lemon juice and applied on the face, it is a surefire way to make your skin tone even. The lemon juice also helps lighten skin pigmentation and makes the skin look brighter.

2.Oatmeal and yogurt

Applying a mask of oatmeal and yogurt will slough off dead skin cells. Regular use of this face pack makes the skin smoother and improves the complexion of the skin. Yogurt also helps remove uneven tan on the skin and improves the texture. When the skin shines from within, the skin tone also becomes even.

3.Almonds and milk

Exfoliating the skin regularly produces healthier skin. Dead cells give the skin a dull even look, removing layers of dead cells with regular exfoliation makes the skin tone even. Making a paste of almonds and milk is the best and natural way to exfoliate skin. You can also gently rub equal amount of sugar and lemon juice on the face and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

4.Egg whites and honey

Egg white is a therapeutic home remedy that will give you even skin tone. Making a mask from egg white to which a few drops of honey and a teaspoon of corn flour are added is the best home remedy. Regular application of this mask will not only make the skin tone even but it will also tighten the skin, making it appear smoother.