Important Beauty Shortcuts to Avoid

1. Being too lazy to wash off makeup

Makeup makes you look better. But if you are too lazy to wash it off before sleeping, you will eventually harm yourself. Rubbing off makeup on the pillow and then scarring your skin or getting into your eyes is a very common occuurence that leads to detrimental effects. It is hence important to clean your face completely before you go to bed.

2. Applying makeup over makeup

This will save time. However, it is totally inadvisable. In a brightly lit room, the idea of applying foundation over an existing one could backfire you. Besides, too much makeup will clog your pores and start affecting your skin as well. Makeup is not a shortcut alternative to actually making your skin glow from the inside or turning it healthy. Any more shortcuts over it is only going to worsen the situation.

3. Applying excess makeup

Many women end up using a lot of creams and face products which are not necessarily good for your skin. For example, phthalates are used in most fragrances but are reproductive toxins which affect child development. Similarly, parabens used as preservatives cause breast cancer. Personal care products contain anti-bacterial substances like triclosan which can actually affect the immune system.

4. Avoiding the use of effective sunscreens

Sunscreens can work both ways. For example, if you don’t use sunblock and instead use makeup to look good for a lunch date or for a movie outing, you end up making your skin suffer especially if it is bright outside.

5. Using dirty brushes

The last thing you want to do is use a dirty brush or use your friend’s brush to save time. You will only end up contaminating your own skin, incurring tremendous harm. In fact, those who are finicky about skin care usually keep a back-up set that travels around with them, so that they never are too far away from their own makeup kit. Besides, if you don’t have time to clean your brushes, you have a clean set that can be used for the time being.