Know These Easy Eye Makeup For Casual Indian Wear

Indian clothes are so versatile. They make anyone look feminine and gorgeous instantly. With Indian clothes, the makeup looks should be equally elegant and fierce, especially the eyes. Bold eyes can make a big statement. We'll be sharing with you certain simple tips on how to do an easy eye makeup for casual Indian wear.This makeup is for casual Indian clothes like kurtis that you wear on a regular basis for college or for office. So, we would be sticking to a basic eye makeup look, which is quick and easy to do. It would require a maximum of five minutes of your time, and it needs only three tools, that is, an eyeliner or kajal pencil, black eyeshadow and a soft brush.The rest of the makeup can be kept soft, as the focus should be more on the bold eyes. Go for a nude lipstick with this look and for blush, use a soft coral blush. So, go ahead and try out this eye makeup look, the next time you wear Indian clothes. And, of course, don't forget to wear a bindi to add that extra magic. 

1.Waterline: Start by lining both your upper and lower waterlines with the kajal pencil. This makes the eyes look more dense. This is the first tip on getting that eye makeup look for Indian wear.

2.Lashline: Line your upper lashline with the kajal pencil. Make a thick line, and do not wing it out. Use the brush to smudge it out a little. Then, take the same pencil and line your lower lashline too. But, this line should not be too thick. Smudge this out as well.

3.Eyeshadow: Use the black eyeshadow to smudge out the upper and lower lashlines even more. The shadow also intensifies the colour of the liner.

4.Mascara: Coat your lashes with two to three coats of mascara, and let your peepers be the focus of your face.

These are the easy eye makeup for casual Indian wear.