Know These Essential Makeup Tips For Fair Skin Tone

Makeup is a challenge when women have extreme skin colours like very dark or very fair. Those with a very dark skin tone, try to look fair and the fair ones, just want to make themselves look as pretty as possible. So when you have a fair skin tone, you really need to be picky regarding your cosmetics and also know how to apply them. Minor mistakes in makeup on fair skin can make one look sickly or over done.Hence, every step is important during makeup when you have fair skin, as the scope of managing or opting for an alternative is very less.Here are some essential makeup tips for fair skin tone.

Essential makeup tips for fair skin tone are:

1.Sunscreen Is Your First Makeup Essential: Now that you are blessed with fair skin, your first aim is to protect it. Always remember, so many envy you for your skin colour. So, the first layer of protection that you can add to your fair skin during makeup application is, sunscreen. Get a good sunscreen lotion and apply a thin coat of it on your face before putting makeup. This will be the first layer of protection for your skin and also act as a moisturizing agent.

2.Bid A Bye To Powder: A common problem for women with fair skin is, pan cake makeup. Despite thousand attempts, at the end, the makeup becomes like a wall paint. Have you ever tried to find out why this happens? Well, makeup becomes a pan cake because of your powder. Just do not keep powder in your makeup kit, if you have fair skin. Whether at the start, end or in between, do not apply powder and that's it.

3.Ideal Foundation For Fair Skin: For any skin colour, you got to test and experiment and then, decide on the foundation. The makeup store attendant will surely help you. Yet the golden rule of foundation for fair skin woman is opting for a neutral shade that does not have a strong undertone. If your foundation has a strong undertone, it becomes too visible and noticeable on your fair skin, when applied.

4.Picking An Eyeshadows For Fair Skin: Eyeshadow should not be picked based on the skin colour. It should be decided upon based on the colour of the eyes. With fair skin, if the woman has light eye colour, then the eyeshadow should be in blue and green shade. With fair skin, if the woman has dark eye colour, then the eyeshadow should be in brown, purple or grey. Fair skin women should not opt for beige or cream shade of eyeshadow.

5.Choosing The Right Blush For Fair Skin: Coming to blush, it is more of a personal choice. The primary two kinds of blush you can pick from are, warm tones and cool tones. In warm tones, peach and coral are your ideal pick. In cool tones, rosy pink and light mauve suit women with fair skin. Blush should be picked based on the time of your event, colour of your clothes and lastly, your choice.

6.Plan Your Pout: Every woman likes to plan an awesome pout, so that the lips standout from the face. The old school perfect lip colour for fair skin is, ravenous red. Shades of coral, plum and chocolate also suit fair skin women. However, the lip colour to avoid on fair skin is, neutral or light brown ones. Metallic lip colours also go well for fair skin women. The lip colours that are a completely no for fair skin women are orange, brown, fuchsia, nude tones, pastel pink and purple.

7.Find Your Eyeliner Match: Coming to eyeliner, the pick depends on your hair and eyelash colour. If have dark eyelashes, then a black liner is your cup of tea, without any doubt. If you have light hair and lash, then grey eyeliner can be counted on. Do try it, before you buy it.

These are the essential makeup tips for fair skin tone.