Know These Haircare Hacks For Rainy Days

Rainy days are overall really pleasant for us, but they can spell havoc for your hair. So, we will tell you about some hair hacks for rainy days. Rain, while being the best thing that happened to the weather, can be your hair's worst enemy. But with our hacks, you would be well prepared for the next rainy day. Rain means increased levels of moisture in the air, which makes the hair texture turn bad. So, even if you have an umbrella and are safe from the rain water, the moisture in the air would definitely get to your hair and make it look a little off.Here are some hair care hacks for rainy days.

1.Avoid Brushes: Instead of brushing your hair, use a wide-toothed comb. Moisture can make your hair knotted and tangled, and the best way to ease them is to use a wide-toothed comb as opposed to a brush.

2.Don't Use A Lot Of Hair Products: That shine serum you use can have an opposite effect on rainy days. Instead, use a little bit of hair spray to make your hair stay in place.

3.Hair Straightener To The Rescue: Straighten your hair! We know that heat styling on a regular basis is not really the best way to go, but a rainy day calls for a little bit of extra help for your hair.

4.Dry Your Hair: Before heading out, make sure that your hair is completely dry. Use a hair dryer to speed things up because if you have moisture left over in your hair and moisture in the air, it won't be fun for your hair at all.

5.Tie Top Knots: Now is the time to pull up all your hair into a top knot or a bun. This is one of the best ways to escape a bad hair day on a rainy day, we say.

6.Make Tight Braids: Another way to ensure that your hair escapes the wrath of the moisture in the air is to tie tight braids. The curlier your hair, the tighter the braids.

These are the hair care hacks for rainy days.