Know These Nail Looks That Will Instantly Brighten Up Your Day

We all love getting manicures done. It gives us the right amount of pampering every once in a while. But a pop of colour on the manicure never harmed anyone, did it?We found these amazing nail looks that would instantly brighten your day. Everyone loves a classic French manicure, but every now and then it's good to go for a tiny bit of colour just to brighten things up.Here are some of the nail looks that would definitely brighten your day. 

1.Pink & Yellow: The classic French manicure with a twist. Try this peppy look when you are bored of the plain white and nude.

2.Lime: This look in different shades of lime is just perfect to brighten up any look. The floral dots on the first nail make this look very cute and add a funky kick to an otherwise plain look.

3.Polka Dotted Pink: This girly nail look is oh so cute. We definitely want to try it out. For this you'll just need a cute bubblegum or baby pink shade and some white nail polish, and, of course, a transparent top coat.

4.Rose & Gold: These two colours when brought together are the epitome of gorgeousness. Use a dusty rose pink shade and a gold shimmer shade to achieve this look.

5.Multi-coloured Black: This black nail polish look with multi-coloured iridescent shimmer in it is perfect for the goth in you that likes to keep things bright as well. Make sure you finish the nail look with a top coat to make sure none of the glitter falls out. 

6.Red & Gold: These two shades have always gone well together. Go for this if you're aiming for a festive kind of look. Take the brightest of bright reds and gold shimmer for this look.

These are the nail looks that brighten up your day.