Know These Secret Behind Kareena Kapoor's Glowing Skin

We all love imitating movie stars and celebrities. Be it their super-stylish outfits, fancy shoes, pretty makeup or hairstyle, we have imitated all of it at least once in our lives. And why not? They do look pretty and appealing. And who doesn't want to look good and feel pretty? Well, we all want to.But do you really know what goes behind their flawless skin or perfect figure? Well, it's most certainly not cosmetic treatments. Most celebrities like to follow a simple skincare and fitness routine that helps them maintain themselves. Of course, makeup is another thing. But, skincare is very important to them. And, they ensure that they keep their skin moisturised and hydrated at all times.

In an interview with Elle, Kareena Kapoor mentioned that she uses basic ingredients from the kitchen as a part of her skincare regime. Want to know what these ingredients are and what magic can they do to your skin?"I use a lot of almond oil and curd for my face. For my hair, I apply curd as well, but I also get different types of oil massages done to boost my hair's health," the Veere Di Wedding actress said emphasizing on using home remedies for skincare."Honestly, I don't use a lot of products in terms of looking after my skin. Being a positive person really helps - remind yourself to stay happy and be glamorous to get that glow from within," she further said.

DIY Curd Face Pack For Flawless Skin: Ingredients: 2 tablespoon curd, 1 tablespoon almond oil, A pinch of turmeric, Few drops of honey. Take a bowl and add curd to it. Now add turmeric and honey to the curd and stir it well. Lastly, add almond oil and keep stirring the mixture until you get a fine and consistent paste. Let the mixture rest for a few minutes before you begin applying it on your face. Before you apply the mixture on your face, ensure that you wash your face with clean water. Start applying the mixture all over your face and neck, avoiding eyes, ears and mouth. Ensure that you apply the pack on your neck as well so that the skin tone of your face and neck is the same. Let the pack rest for a good 20 minutes before you wash it off. Pat your face dry with a clean towel.Note: Do not use a face wash to clean your face after applying a face pack as it will lessen its effect.

Why This Works: In another instance, while speaking about makeup, Kareena also gave some tips that would surely help you amp up your style quotient further. "If you're doing heavy eyes, it's always a light mouth; if you're doing a bold mouth, it should be a nice, defined eye. Always opt for voluminous mascara to brighten up your eyes," Kareena said. So... now you know what goes behind the Veere Di Wedding star's beautiful, flawless and appealing look.