Know These Skincare Tips If You Are Using Makeup

Makeup is really fun because it lets you change up your look at will. But, some people are really hesitant about using makeup because they are scared of what it would do to their skin. But, there’s not a need to worry because these skin care tips would help you keep your skin away from all the harsh chemicals. It is really important to follow a stringent skin care routine before and after applying makeup. Not having a skin care regime is what actually leads to the notion that makeup is bad for the skin. But, if you follow these tips, your skin will thank you for it.Here are some skincare tips to know if you are using makeup.

Skincare tips to know if you are using makeup are:

1.Cleanse: Wash your face thoroughly before you put on any makeup. This makes sure that there isn’t any oil residue or grime when you apply any makeup.

2.Moisturise: Moisturising is the key step to how your makeup eventually looks. A well-moisturised face can make the makeup look completely natural and not like you have caked up on the makeup.

3.Remove Makeup: Always remember to remove your makeup before you go to bed. Most breakouts and skin problems occur due to makeup sitting on the face for too long, especially if you go to bed with makeup on.

4.Serum: A serum or face oil is really important for people who use makeup. This gives additional hydration to the skin and prevents it from getting dried up.

5.Night Cream: A night cream helps repair the skin from the damage it has faced during the day. This includes the damage from using makeup.

6.Day Cream: Use a day cream with a good SPF underneath your makeup to make sure that the sun damage that your skin faces is minimal during the day.

7.Exfoliation: To make your makeup look extra polished, exfoliate your skin and make sure your get rid of the dead skin cells.

8.Eye Cream: The under-eye area has really sensitive and thin skin. And that is why it needs additional hydration. So, always use an eye cream before you apply your makeup.

These are the skincare tips to know if you are using makeup.