Know These Steps To Get That Runway Inspired Dewy Skin Look

There was a time when matte skin was all the rage. But now, move up matte makeup, for dewy skin is in and here to stay! So, have you wondered how to do the dewy makeup and get that look? Read this article and find out just how.Matte skin looks polished and sophisticated and is gorgeous in itself, but there is a different charm about dewy skin. For one thing, it looks really healthy and gives that lit-from-within appearance.It seems like the makeup artists have used a lot of highlighter and sparkles to get that dewy makeup look; but honestly, it lies only in one basic step and that is using the right moisturiser.A good skin care regime is the most basic and important step to getting dewy skin. It makes sure you don't end up using too many products.Also, make sure you don't use a brush or your fingers to blend your makeup, as that can make the skin look flat and ashy.Here are some steps for that.

1.Cleanse: Yes, washing your face is the first step to any makeup look to get rid of all the oil and grime. It definitely helps the makeup look fresh and helps it to last longer.

2.Moisture: The most important step to getting a dewy skin makeup is to moisturise well. Massage the moisturiser into your skin, so that the skin drinks up the moisture. Let the moisture get absorbed into the skin, then go for the next step.

3.BB Cream: Go for a BB cream and not a foundation to get the dewy makeup look. Foundation can look too made up and matte. Blend with a damp sponge for best results.

4.Highlighting Concealer: Use a highlighting concealer on the high points of your cheeks to get a natural-looking glow. Make sure there's no shimmer in it, else it can look a little fake.

5.Blush: Use a cheek stain as a blush for that natural pink flushed skin. Powder blushes can again make the skin appear to matte.

6.Lips: And finally, finish the look with a little lip balm, as the whole idea of a dewy makeup look is to make it look natural. So, these steps can help you get that dewy makeup look with complete ease. 

These are the steps to get runway inspired dewy skin look.