Know These Steps To Rock That Bold, Smoldering Bengali Eyeliner Look

Bengali girls are naturally blessed with bold, seductive eyes. They are literally eyes that speak louder than their mouths! And to enhance these eyes even more, they use copious amounts of eyeliner to get that fierce eyeliner look.With our easy steps to this eyeliner look, even people with eyes that are less bold can look fierce and elegant. All you need to do is master the art of using an eyeliner just like they have.All eyes are beautiful eyes, and if you are not blessed with beautiful eyes, not to worry, makeup was invented to save your life.With the right kind of makeup tools and techniques, anyone can have bold, big eyes. And eye makeup is one of the most basic keys to doing the right makeup. Most people feel a lot safer attempting eye makeup than other forms of makeup.This eye makeup look can be worn even on a day-to-day basis, for college, office and even for festive occasions. That's what makes this look so versatile.

1.Prime your eyelids with an eyeshadow primer or a base. This helps the makeup stay in place all day long, through oil and sweat.

2.Use a brown eyeshadow in a very neutral shade to create a base for your eye makeup. This step isn't absolutely necessary, but it just adds depth and dimension to the eyes.

3.Line your upper and lower waterline with a kajal pencil. This makes your lashes look naturally thick, something that a lot of Bengali girls have.

4.Line your upper and lower lash lines with the same kajal pencil. You may even use a liquid liner if you are more comfortable with those.

5.Smoke out the eyeliner using a black eyeshadow first and then a brown or a grey eyeshadow. Smoke out both the upper lashline and the lower one.

6.For easy steps to get a Bengali eyeliner look, coat your lashes with a mascara. Use at least two coats.

7.This makeup look goes best with a nude or a dusty rose lipstick, as you want all the emphasis to be on the eyes mostly. If you use a lipstick that's too bright, it can end up looking harsh.

These are the tips to get that bold,smoldering Bengali eyeliner look.