Know These Things That Makeup Artists Wish You Would Stop Doing Now

Every girl loves makeup and the amazing ways in which it can change your face. But, we are all victims of some makeup crime or the other. Here are some things that makeup artists wish you would stop doing, right now! It's high time you avoid doing these makeup mistakes.No one is born an expert in makeup. It is only by experimentation that we get to know what works on us and what doesn't. But some mistakes are way too common and makeup artists just wish you would stop making them and know about them.

Makeup is an art and a certain level of skill is needed in order to make sure that the makeup enhances your natural appearance. If done wrong, you can end up looking quite funny, which is obviously not something that women would want when doing makeup.So, even if you are actually experimenting, make sure you avoid doing these makeup mistakes, as these will only make you look really bad.Here are some things that makeup artists wish you would stop doing now.

1.Using Wrong Shade Of Foundation: This is the most common makeup mistake that people make. After all it can be really difficult to pick a foundation shade. But some people use a lighter shade to make their skin appear fairer. This is all wrong because foundation is supposed to enhance your original complexion. A lighter shade would only make you look ashy.

2.Tugging At The Eyes: Tugging at our eyes comes so naturally to us while applying eyeliner for ease of application. This not only makes the delicate skin there loose, but could also make your eyeliner look streaky.

3.Over-Tweezing The Brows: Eyebrows frame your face. Earlier, thinner eyebrows were in, but now, it's the thicker eyebrows that are in trend. So, drop those tweezers.

4.Over Doing The Blush: Applying too much blush can make you look like a clown. So that's why, lightly dip your brush in the blush and dust or blow off the excess and then sweep it over the apples of your cheeks. You can use some translucent powder on top of a blush to lighten its intensity.

5.Having Too Many Layers Of Foundation: Some people cake on too much foundation to cover up all the flaws on their faces. But this can only make you look like you've painted your face. Ladies, to cover up the flaws, use just a dab of concealer and you'd be sorted. There is no need to cake on the foundation.

6.Dipping Fingers In The Products: If you dip your fingers into your foundation, you are only introducing bacteria into it. Bacteria would drink up the water in the foundation making it gloppy in texture. So if your liquid foundation seems to be clumpy or solid, bacteria is present in it. Always go for a foundation in a tube or one with a pump dispenser instead.

7.Going In For Too Much Bronzing: Some people end up using a bronzer as a blush, in order to look more tanned. This gives you a very fake look and makes you look like you only want to show that you went for a fancy holiday. What's worse than this? Using a bronzer as a setting powder for the entire face to give colour to your face!!! NO, don't do it.

8.Opting For Too Much Shimmer: Shimmer and highlights should be used on areas where the light naturally hits your face, like the high points of your cheeks, the bridge of your nose, the arch of your brow and your cupid's bow of course. If you use shimmer all over your face, you'd end up looking like a disco ball. And that's one mistake makeup artists would definitely not want you to make.

These are the things that makeup artists wish you would stop doing now.