Know This Dewy Daytime Makeup Look For Valentine's Day

Got a curfew and can't step out at night for Valentine's day? Well, we've got your daytime makeup look for Valentine's day covered!This is an easy and cute makeup look that wouldn't look too glamorous or over the top. This can be worn by people of all ages. In fact, it doesn't have to be specific to just Valentine's day, but it can be worn quite easily for a daytime movie date, or even for college.It is a very simple and basic look that gives you a flushed and lit-from-within look. Here are some dewy daytime makeup look for valentine's day.

1.Wash Face: Wash your face to start with for a clear canvas. Your face should be free of all the makeup and oils.

2.Moisturise: After this, moisturise your face by massaging the moisturiser into your skin. Make sure your skin absorbs all the moisture. Wait for a few minutes for the moisturiser to sink in before moving to the next step.

3.Prime: A primer, kind of creates a barrier between your makeup and it smoothens out fine lines and fills in the pores, so that the makeup goes on in smoothly and stays on the whole day.

4.Cover: Use a liquid foundation after priming your face, blend it in using a damp sponge. This gives an airbrush effect. Cover your under-eye circles and pimples, if any, using a concealer. Blend this in using the same sponge. Set all the areas using a setting powder.

5.Eyes: Go for very minimal eye makeup, as it is a daytime look. Just tightline your eyes and go for lots of mascara. Don't forget to fill in your brows.

6.Blush: For the dewy blushed look, go for a cream blush with tiny shimmer in it. Cream-based blushes give a dewy finish, while powder-based ones would give you more of a matte look.

7.Lips: For your lips, you can go for a light pink shade in keeping with the occasion.

These are the dewy daytime makeup look for valentine's day.