Makeup Tips For Allergy Prone Skin

Makeup becomes a pain for those with an allergic skin. Before applying anything on the skin, lips, eyes or hair, it starts reacting and the result can be really dangerous. But allergy can't really come in your way for having a good makeup look.Here are some makeup tips for allergy prone skin.

Makeup tips for allergy prone skin are:

1.Makeup Remedy For Allergic Face: Those with allergic face must do their face makeup starting with cleansing and moisturizing. At the next level, they can coat their face with a thin layer of foundation. To the foundation, sweep a bronzer under the cheekbones, down each side of your nose, and on the outer edges of forehead to make your skin glow instantly. If you think the nose is becoming the blunder, just contour its sides.

2.Go Specific When Buying Eye Makeup Products: Women with an allergy prone skin find it hard to apply eye makeup, as the eyes soon become watery and red. Remedy to this is, buying eye makeup products that are ophthalmologically tested. Also, less experimenting and sticking to eye makeup brands that you are used to, is beneficial and causes less harm.

3.Alternative For Tissues And Makeup Brushes: Those with an allergic skin should avoid using tissues and makeup brushes. This is because tissues and makeup brushes can react on the skin. Use simple cotton or silk-made handkerchiefs or rely on your finger tips to apply makeup on your sensitive body parts.

4.Concealing The Dark Circles Around The Eyes: Dark circles can happen because of your allergic tendency and the remedy is, using a good eye cream. Eye cream has to be used on a daily basis during bedtime, such that the makeup stands out white and glowy. To do this, buy an eye cream that has hyaluronic acid. This hydrates the skin and reacts on melanin as well.

5.Use Dermatologist Tested Beauty Products: All beauty products, makeup cosmetics and essentials that you apply on your skin must be ophthalmologically tested. The ones that are ophthalmologically tested have a lesser scope to react on the skin. Also, while buying a new product, test it little on one inch of your skin. If the experiment goes good, you are safe to use it.

6.Use Mica-Free Powder: Those with skin allergy problems, should buy powders that do not contain mica. Mica is highly reactant to allergic skin. Ensure you use mica-free powder on the face and body to keep it protected and allergy free. Mica-free bronzers are also recently being launched by popular beauty brands.

7.Stop Sharing Your Beauty Essentials: Those who have skin allergy problems must not share beauty products. Whether you give or take beauty products from others, the cosmetic can act as a carrier of the bacteria. Hence, do not share any of your beauty essentials - starting from a comb to cream, to keep your allergy problem restricted.

These are the makeup tips for allergy prone skin.