Makeup Tips That Should Try For Monsoon

Monsoon is here, giving a great relief from the scorching sun and summer heat waves. We all love rains but all the fun and love for this rain disappears when it starts affecting your daily life. You have to go to work in the heavy downpour, you cannot wear your fancy clothes, cannot put on makeup as it gets smudged and drippy. If you are also facing these problem then say goodbye to all your worries this monsoon and enjoy the rain as much as you wish to. You simply have to follow some basic makeup ideas of monsoon and your skin, eyes and hair will look as beautiful as in any other season.Here are some makeup tips to try for monsoon.

Makeup tips to try for monsoon are:

1.Foundation: It is advised not to use foundation on your face during monsoon as it becomes patchy in the damp weather. If it is necessary, use water-based foundation or liquid foundation.

2.Blush: Cream blushers are good to be used during the monsoon. It is water-proof and wont get smudged even if your face gets wet. Keep the blush natural and powdery. It should not look like a blob of colour on your cheeks. Shades of peaches and browns are great for monsoon.

3.Eye shadow: Apply powdery eye shadows during the rainy season to avoid smears. Shades of brown, pink, lavender, blue and champagne looks wonderful in this season depending on your skin colour. Use brilliant hues of these lovely colours on your eyes and see the dramatic effect it creates.

4.Mascara: Try to avoid mascara as much as you can. It is a strict NO during monsoons. In case it is important to use, select water resistant mascara as it stays for a longer time and doesn't get smudged easily.

5.Eyeliner and kajal: Use pencil eyeliner instead of liquid-based one during monsoon. It does not run all over your face even if it gets wet. Simply apply a dash of eye shadow on your upper eye lid and then apply a thin line of kajal. It gives your eyes a beautiful look.

6.Eyebrows: Keep up with your threading, but avoid using eyebrow pencil. Rather, use hair gel on your brows to give them a nice shaped look.

7.Lip Colour: Matte tones are the best choices during the monsoons. Stick to the long lasting colour variety of lipsticks and avoid the cream-based glossy lipsticks as much as possible. It gets sticky and smears easily when wet.

8.Hair: Keep your hair simple and short during the rainy season. Do not leave them open instead tie them in a neat bun. You can also use beautiful hair accessories to accentuate your look. You can also learn different types of braiding, to suit the monsoon weather.

These are the makeup tips to try for monsoon.