Milk Face Packs For Flawless Skin To Try

Radiant and flawless skin is just one step away now. Yes, you read that right. We will give you some awesome remedies using milk to solve all your skin problems.A very basic and common ingredient, milk, is available in all the households. We all know the health benefits of drinking milk every day.Milk contains vitamin A, B12 and other essential nutrients that help in rejuvenating the skin by combating skin damages like dark spots, dry skin, etc. You can mix milk with other ingredients like papaya, egg etc., to make face packs.Here are some milk face packs for flawless skin to try.

1.For Smooth Skin: Ingredients: ¼ cup of milk,2 tbsp chocolate powder.This mask helps in improving the blood circulation and removing all the impurities accumulated on the skin. The antioxidants in chocolate give a rejuvenated and glowing skin. In a clean bowl, add the chocolate powder and raw milk. Mix the ingredients well so that no lumps are formed.Keep the mixture in the refrigerator for an hour.Start applying this mixture on your face and gently massage in a circular motion. Leave the mask for 15 minutes and rinse it off with cold water and pat dry.

2.For Anti-ageing: Ingredients: 2 tbsp milk, 1 egg. A combination of milk and egg helps in firming the skin and reduces the formation of wrinkles on the face. Eggs will also help in removing the dead skin cells. Separate egg white from an egg in a bowl. Add fresh milk into it and whisk the ingredients well to make a soft mixture. Apply a layer of this mixture using a brush.Let it stay until it's dry and later wash it off with cold water.

3.For Glowing Skin: Ingredients: 4 tbsp milk, 2 tbsp multani mitti. Multani mitti helps in blood circulation by stimulating the skin and when mixed with milk, it will give you a radiant skin. Take a clean bowl and add the multani mitti and fresh milk into it. Mix the ingredients well. Take some of this mixture and apply it on your cleansed face. Leave it on for about 20 minutes and rinse it off with normal water. For best results, use this pack 2-3 times a week.

4.For Brighter Skin: Ingredients: ¼ cup of milk, Ripe papaya. Papaya contains an enzyme named papain that helps in improving the complexion of the skin and makes the skin brighter. When combined with milk this pack will moisturise your skin.  Take half ripe papaya and peel it off. Cut the papaya into small cubes and blend it with raw milk to make a thick paste. Steam your face so that it helps in opening the pores. Apply a layer of the milk and papaya face pack and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Later wash it off with cold water.

5.For Soft And Skin Smooth: Ingredients: 3 tbsp raw milk, 1 medium-sized apple. The vitamin C and antioxidants in apple will make your skin softer by deeply nourishing the skin. If you have any dark spots regular use of this mask will remove them. Peel off an apple and cut it into small pieces and transfer it into a blender. Add the raw milk into it and blend the ingredients well. Apply this mask on your face and leave it on for a few minutes. Let the mixture dry and wash it off with cold water.

These are the milk face packs to try for flawless skin.