Remember These While Applying A Liquid Foundation

A Liquid foundation has to be applied in a correct way because it does not suit every skin type.Here are some thingsĀ to remember while applying a liquid foundation.

Things to remember while applying a liquid foundation are:

1.Choose the right foundation:It is important to choose the right liquid foundation for the skin. Oil based foundations work best with dry skin. Oil based liquid foundations help to moisturize dry skin. Water based liquid foundations are ideal for oily skin. Also, select a foundation that matches your skin tone.

2.Apply a moisturizer first:Not many women do this, but if you apply a moisturizer before applying a foundation, your skin will look perfect. Use a tinted moisturizer for this purpose. Apply tinted moisturizer on the face and then apply a liquid foundation. Or else, blend both the things and apply it evenly on the skin.

3.Use a good concealer:It is important to use a concealer to hide all the facial flaws. Apply a concealer under the eyes and on other facial marks. One can use a liquid concealer for this. Then apply the base of liquid foundation for getting the perfect look.

4.Apply the foundation on chin and cheeks:Use a liquid foundation on the chin area, dab it in the inward direction. Take small amount and apply it on both the cheeks. Always apply liquid foundation base in a circular motion on your face. This helps to define the look of the face. Also, apply some foundation under the eyes. Application of the foundation should be even on your face.

5.Buff the foundation:Slightly buff the foundation off your face. This makes the skin look even. Use a brush to do this or use a tissue. Buffing is important to give an even effect on the face.

6.Let the foundation dry for 2 minutes:After applying a liquid foundation, leave your face to dry for two to three minutes. This is known as the resting time. This helps to set the foundation base on the skin.

7.Apply loose powder and highlighter:Apply a loose powder on the face after the application. This helps to complete your look. Also, apply a highlighter if you want to look different. Most women prefer to apply a blush after application of liquid foundation, which is fine.

These are the things to remember while applying liquid foundation.