Rules to keep your hair LONG and healthy

Always use a mild shampoo & conditioner to control frizzy hair:

Using a professional shampoo infused with chemicals can damage your hair. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) is a key ingredient used to make foam, but it is also one of the most harmful chemicals found in cleaning detergents. They take away natural hair oils, leaving your hair dry and brittle.

Use hair products the right way:

For the cleaning process, a mild shampoo on the scalp must be used to remove excess dirt from your scalp and to open up the pores. Contrarily, conditioners must be applied to the ends of your lengths, which is the most damaged portion. Washing your hair with lukewarm water helps to open up pores on your scalp. Open pores help in absorbing moisture and natural oils of hair products. To conclude, it is advised to rinse your hair with cold water as it seals moisture and closes the pores.

Protect hair before heat styling:

Using heat protectant products or hair serums can prevent your hair from getting damaged from excessive application of heat. Keeping your styling tools on low or medium heat can protect your strands from breakage and split ends.

Healthy diet and lifestyle:

Consuming the type of diet, with essential nutrients and vitamins, can promote healthy and faster hair growth. Additionally, exercising regularly is important as it increases the flow of blood to your scalp, encourages hair growth, and reduces the stress that can cause hair fall.

Hair protection while sleeping:

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase will provide a smooth surface and reduce friction from your hair, preventing damage and split ends. Avoid tying up your hair in a tight ponytail, as the tension could put a strain on your scalp and lead to hair breakage.