Simple Steps To Wear A Metallic Shade Of Lipstick Like A Pro

Though all brands are launching high-impact metallic lipsticks, to get the right metallic shine on your lips, lip colour alone cannot win the game.Along with the lipstick, you have to use a shadow palette and a lip gloss which can make your lips look really metallic.To get the right mettalic lipstick look and to carry it for a long period of time, here is a step-by-step guide that will help you to get the right look like a pro.The best part is - if you follow this metallic lipstick guide, you don't need to own a metallic lip colour. A nude lip shade, a shadow palette of champagne shade and a lip gloss are the only key ingredients that you would need.

Ingredients:Your favourite nude lipstick,Champagne shadow box,A sheer lip gloss.

Step I: At step one, you have to generously cover your lip with the nude lipstick you have. Before applying the lipstick, ensure your lips are clean and dry. Applying two coats of the lipstick might be required depending on the colour you are using. After applying this, rub your lips against each other, so that the lip colour is evenly distributed. The lip colour should not go beyond your lip lines.

Step II: Now, with your index finger, you have to apply the champagne shadow on your lips. In the champagne shadow box, there are different shades of colours. Take the one that makes a bingo with the first coat of lip colour you applied. Now, at the tip of your index finger, dab the champagne shade. Tap this champagne shade only at the center of both your lips. You might try blending the champagne shade to the previous coat of nude lipstick but in the process, do not spread the champagne shade all over your lips. The blending of this is optional and do it only if you are confident.

Step III: At the last stage, coat your lips with the sheer gloss. Do not over apply the gloss, as it will dampen your lips. Neither compromise on applying the gloss, as that adds to the final touch of your metallic lip-colouring process.

These are the steps for wearing a metallic lipstick shade.