Simple Ways To Add Honey In Your Hair Care Routine

Before we get into "how you can add honey to your hair care routine", let's look at, "why you should add honey in your hair care routine". Well, honey has versatile roles on the hair if added to the hair care routine in the right way. Check the ways of adding honey to your hair care routine such that it treats all your present hair concerns.

Hair care benefits of using honey are:Honey promotes hair growth, as it is an emollient and has both moisturizing and conditioning properties. Being a semi-liquid in nature, honey can penetrate till your scalp, despite the length and volume of your hair and work on the hair roots. Antibacterial and antiseptic qualities of honey work on hair problems like dandruff. As honey is a natural humectant, honey works on damaged hair as well. e) Healing compounds in honey treat hair problems like split ends and act as a hair volumizer.

1.Raw Honey + Water = Hair Cleanser: Well, honey is too sticky to be applied on the hair and hence you have to dilute it with water. In 250 ml of water, you can add four tablespoons of raw honey for the right consistency and use this as a hair cleanser.

2.Raw Honey + Milk = Damage Hair Treatment: When your hair is extremely frizzed, dried and dull, then mix honey and milk and apply it on your hair. In the raw honey and milk treatment, the ratio of the two is almost equal that is, in one cup of milk, you can add three tablespoons of raw honey. Before applying, ensure you mix both the raw honey and milk nicely. 

3.Raw Honey + Your Present Shampoo = Hair Growth Booster: Before going for this, you must ensure that you know which is your right shampoo. With your ideal hair shampoo, add 2-3 tablespoons of raw honey during the hair wash days. This will stimulate the growth of new hair and can be followed on your every hair wash schedule.

4.Raw Honey + Aloe Vera Gel = Lice And Scalp Infection Treatment: The hair scalp is a continued form of the human skin and it might get infections. Hair scalp infections are common for those who have lice or bacterial problems in their hair. For the raw honey and aloe vera gel treatment, you have to mix 3-5 tablespoons of honey with 5-8 teaspoons of fresh aloe vera gel. While preparing this, please be careful about the honey and aloe vera gel ratio; also, only fresh aloe vera gel should be used on the hair.

5.Raw Honey, AloeVera Gel, Curd And Olive Oil = A Perfect Hair Mask Recipe: The long list of ingredients, of course, shows that this is a hair intensive honey-based hair mask recipe that you can prepare at home if you have all the four essential ingredients required. The quantity of raw honey and olive oil should be one tablespoon each. To that add two tablespoons of aloe vera gel and curd. Before applying, please mix all the ingredients completely and then apply it on your hair.

6.Raw Honey + Olive Oil/Coconut Oil = For Split End Problem: Honey can be combined with your hair carrier oil like olive oil or coconut oil. Take 1 tablespoon of raw honey and up to 3-4 tablespoons of hair carrier oil. Mix the honey and hair oil mix. Before applying, you can warm this in the microwave for up to 30 seconds.

7.Raw Honey, Castor Oil And Egg = Hair Exfoliator: Exactly like how we scrub our skin, the hair needs exfoliation too and you can use raw honey for that. Along with raw honey (1 tablespoon), add an egg with two tablespoons of castor oil. You can beat the egg before adding it to the honey and oil mixture. All the ingredients have to be well mixed before you start applying it to your hair. 

8.Raw Honey, Mayonnaise and Avocado = Extra Nourishing Hair Pack: As all the ingredients used here have moisturizing properties to the hair, you can call this a hair pack, which is ideal for weekends. First, blend to get the avocado pulp. In one small bowl of avocado pulp, you can add two to four tablespoons of mayonnaise and a tablespoon of raw honey. All the ingredients have to be well mixed before you start applying this hair pack.

9.Raw Honey, Banana And Coconut Oil = Excellent Hair Volumizer: When going for this honey-based hair volumizer, reserve ample time in hand, as this one takes time to dry and react on your hair. Mash one banana into a paste form. Add a tablespoon of raw honey plus two tablespoons of coconut oil. Please be extra careful, as this honey-based hair mask is very liquid like in nature and can become tough to be applied on the hair without a brush.

These are the hair care benefits of using honey.