Summer Essentials Every Girl Needs To Have

Summer is almost here and we can feel the dent right on our faces, isn't it? So, girls, you must make sure you carry summer essentials in your bags at all times during the summer season.Protecting your skin and body in summer is a challenging job, as the harmful UVB and UVA rays tend to affect your skin and body in several ways.Apart from the sun tan and skin damage, it also dehydrates your skin and leaves it parched. Right from your hair to skin, every part of the body should be cared for a lot during the hot summer days.Here are some summer essentials every girl needs to have.

1.Face Wipes: Face wipes are one important product you should have in your purse, as it helps to soak the extra oil and sweat accumulated on the face. People with oily skin tend to face issues, as their skin absorbs a lot of oil accumulated on it and hence using face wipes is important. Wipe your face with face wipes in every two hours once, so that it keeps your skin refreshed at all times.

2.Sunglasses: Sunglasses are another important essential that every woman should carry in her bag during the summer days. You should always look for good sunglasses that help to protect your eyes from the harmful UVB and UVA rays of the sun. Make sure you choose a branded one, so that it protects the eyelids as well as the skin around the eye.

3.Lip Balm With SPF: Always carry a lip balm with SPF, as your lips need protection too! Just like your skin, you should also take care of your lips. Lips are generally soft and moist and hence they can get damaged soon. Prolonged exposure of lips under the sun may lead to darkening of the lips and may also increase the risk of cancer.

4.Sunscreen Lotion: Your skin needs a lot of protection during the summer days. You should always apply sunscreen with a good SPF value, before stepping out of the home, as it helps to protect your skin from sun damage. A heavy sunscreen can clog pores, hence it is best to opt for light formulas. Always opt for a sunscreen which is high in SPF value and light in weight.

5.Baby Powder: You should always carry a small baby powder bottle in your purse, as it can help you in several ways. If you sweat a lot, then baby powder should be the important summer essential for you. Whenever you sweat, you can dab some baby powder and apply it on the sweaty areas of your body. For people who often struggle with sweaty palms in summer days, baby powder is known to work like magic.

6.Facial Mist: In order to keep your skin nourished, hydrated and fresh, you should always carry a facial mist in your bag. Choose a facial mist that suits your skin texture and use it whenever you feel your skin is dull, dry or lifeless. A facial mist can help to rejuvenate your skin instantly and keep it fresh. Opt for a fruit-based mist, as the aroma of the fruits can rejuvenate your mood as well.

7.Water Bottle: A water bottle is extremely important to keep your body as well as your skin hydrated. Due to excessive heat, you may feel dehydrated at all times and hence keeping a small bottle of water in your purse would save your day. Also, splashing water on your face often can also help to keep your skin clean, hydrated and fresh, espcially during the summer months.

These are the summer essentials every girl must have.