Things That Must Know About Eyelash Curler

Thin eyelash is a common problem among women and there are so many natural home remedies to cure this. But all of the creams, oils or moisturizers take a lot of time to show their results. So to instantly bring in a change to the eyelashes comes in the role of an eyelash curler. Now coming to eyelash curlers, the scissor-like curlers concern many women whether to use these on the delicate eyes or not. Well, eyelash curlers are very safe to use that too on a daily basis, only if you know how to use it rightly.Here are some things to know abour eyelash curler.

Things you must know about eyelash curler are:

1.Go For Brands: Women while buying the eyelash curler often cut their budget and opt for the cheap ones. That is one of the biggest mistakes any woman does while buying an eyelash curler. Go for branded eyelash curlers, as this beauty equipment comes in real close contact with your eyes and no risk can be taken. Also, the lasting of branded eyelash curlers is much more than the normal ones.

2.Use It Before The Mascara: Often women are confused when to use the eyelash curler. Well, the right time to use an eyelash curler is after washing your eyes once it is completely dry. Always use the eyelash curler before using the mascara. If you clamp the eyelashes with the curler after putting the mascara on - then it can badly smudge.

3.Don't Clamp Your Skin: The use of an eyelash curler should be at the tip of your eyelashes. Many a times in a hurry or just to get good eyelashes, women even clamp their eyelids in the curler. This hurts badly and should be very seriously avoided. To use an eyelash curler perfectly, stand in front of the mirror, tilt your head a little backside and then, you can curl the tip of your eyelashes.

4.Metal Ones Are Recommended: It is highly recommended that you only use metal eyelash curlers. Eyelash curler also comes in plastic form but that is dangerous for the eyes. When buying the eyelash curler, check its rubber pads along the clamp. The rubber clamps are softer and easy to use.

5.Wash Your Eyelash Curler: Depending on how much you use your eyelash curler, wash it thoroughly. Washing with water might make it damp. Use rubbing alcohol to clean your eyelash curler once in two weeks. In case you see that there is too much of dirt on the eyelash curler, simply throw it off and get a new eyelash curler.

These are the things to know about eyelash curler.