Tips For Beautiful Feet

1. Keep your feet clean

When you walk it is your feet that get more than a fair share of dirt, dust and other harmful elements. Hence, they tend to get dirtier than any other part of your body. To make your feet look good, the important thing is to keep them as clean as possible. Wash them with warm water and soap. Make sure that you regularly trim your toe nails. There isn’t anything as gross as sleazy toe nails filled with dirt.


Just the way you moisturize the skin on your face and your hands, see that you moisturize your feet as well. Use a nice moisturizer that suits your skin. Before moisturizing your feet remove dead skin with a pumice stone. These steps will keep your feet soft and supple all year round.

3.Refresh your feet

Soak your feet in warm water once a week. This will improve blood circulation and keep the toes soft. Take out your nail polish at the first sign of chipping. For few days in a month don’t apply any nail polish on your toenails, and let them breathe.

4.Go barefoot once in a while

Feel the touch of sand and grass once in a while. Don’t put on any shoes and walk on sand or grass.

5.Avoid high heels

Yes, high heels look smart and sexy. But wearing them often can result in several feet problems. Instead of pencil point heels, try other substitutes like platforms, ballets and crocs. Your feet will begrateful to you.

6.Avoid acetone

Acetone not only removes nail paint, but also takes away the natural polish and shine of nails. Replace acetone with a good quality nail polish remover.

7.Get a massage

Massage your feet regularly and pamper them. Foot massage also improves blood circulation. Visit a foot spa at regular intervals. Treat your feet right and they will remain healthy and beautiful.

8.Decorate your toe nails

Who said, you cannot glam up your toes? Only cutting your toe nails is not enough. File them and shape them regularly. To make them look beautiful paint them in bright and attractive colors.