Tips To Get The No Makeup Look

The "no makeup" look is very in fashion these days because it creates a false illusion of flawless skin. And who wouldn't want that? By using these makeup tips, you can achieve a no makeup look very easily, and people wouldn't even know that you've used makeup. This look is great because it looks like you are naturally blessed with healthy and flawless skin. Blending well is the key to get this no makeup look because faulty blending can make it look very caked up. And that beats the purpose of this look.Knowing how to do this no makeup look is one of the most important skills in doing makeup, as it is quick and easy to do, but sometimes can get tricky. Plus, you can do this no makeup look every day. Yes, it's that simple if you know a few tips. You also need very few tools to do this no makeup look. Just a basic blending sponge would work. The products you need are: Moisturiser, primer, foundation, lip and cheek stain, eyeliner pencil and a mascara.

1.Start with a clean face and moisturise it well using a mild moisturiser. Then, use a primer to ensure that the makeup stays for long.

2.Blend in a foundation closest to your skin tone, to your face, with a damp blending sponge. This gives it a very natural finish. Set the foundation with some powder.

3.Take the cheek stain and dab on a very little amount on the apples of your cheeks. This gives a very natural and healthy looking flush to the face.

4.Take the same stain and use it on your lips. This makes the lips look pink without you having to use a lipstick and it looks natural as well. Well, you're almost there in getting your no makeup look!

5.Take the eyeliner pencil and tight line your upper water line. This makes the lashes look really deep and thick. After this, use 2 coats of mascara.

These are the tips to get the no makeup look.