Tips To Maintain Chemically straightened Hair

Straight hair has always been a trend no matter how prevalent it is. Every girl would once in her lifetime want to experiment with those poker straight tresses.Be it that bold or a carefree look, straight hair can change your entire appearance. Nowadays, we have umpteen number of options from hair straighteners to chemically straightening or smoothening hair in salons.Salons provide you hair straightening solutions both temporarily and permanently. However, how long this lasts depends on how you take care of it, despite the time period guaranteed by the salons.There are a lot of doubts on how long straightened hair would last.Here are some tips to maintain chemically straightened hair.

Tips to maintain chemically staightened hair are:

1.Choose Your Product: Most of the salons after straightening will suggest you to use special shampoos and conditioners that help maintain chemically treated hair. And if they tell you so, there must be a reason, isn't it? Do not use your usual hair products that you used before chemically straightened hair. This is because the texture of your hair completely changes the moment you chemically treat it.

2.Stop Using Heating Products: Now, imagine what will happen if you use more heating products on a hair that has already been chemically treated? Heating products like hair straightener, blow dryer etc., can cause more damage to the hair. Try to avoid heat blow dryers and use cold blow dryers instead if at all there's a necessity. When it comes to showering, hot-water can also cause damage to your hair. Always use lukewarm water to shower your hair.

3.Go For A Regular Spa Session: Hair spa always helps in revitalizing the scalp and in nourishing the roots. Regular hair spas can help in maintaining chemically treated hair. Now, this may sound costly to get to the salon and do a hair spa every month. Those of you who prefer salons can do that and for those who like to sit back at home and do a self spa, don't worry you too have an option. There are a lot of hair spa creams that are available in the market these days. Go and grab one of those and you can do a hair spa at home reasonably.

4.Go In For That Regular Trimming: Split end is a common hair damage. But hair that is chemically treated is prone to split ends at a faster rate than natural hair. Split ends will make your hair look dull and damaged despite of how you maintain it. Trimming your hair every 4-6 months once can help the hair from getting split ends. There are also haircuts that shows less of split ends if you have a lot of them bothering you. Even though there are shampoos available to reduce split ends, hair trimming is an all-time solution.

5.Most Importantly, Protect Your Hair: After you got that poker straight hair that you wished for, you wouldn't like to lose that look of yours very soon, ain't it? Always protect your hair from the sun and the environmental pollution while stepping out of your home. Use a pretty scarf, a bandana or even a cap to cover your hair.

These are the tips to maintain chemically straightened hair.